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What To Do In Moscow? (if you have just a 5 hours stopover)

The Travelling Monkeys had a short stopover in Moscow before getting on their first train on the railway direction Siberia. They had around five hours to kill. As they couldn't leave their luggage in the cloakroom on the train station due to the backpacker unfriendliness of the cloakrooms in Moscow, Bimbino and Bambina headed to the very center of the city: the Red Square. Their mobility was restricted due to the weight of their backpacks, so they put their luggage in the middle of the Red Square and started hunting people with a camera.
1. A man taking picture of his friends.
2. If you look closely you can see that the woman standing beside the young family has a little third arm growing from her right elbow.
3. Another cute family on the Red Square.
4. A beautiful Asian woman.
5. How old is she?! Are those all her kids?!
6. Someone is getting married soon.
7. Selfie sticks should be banned.
8. The tool of narcissism.
9. If they had a selfie stick they could have taken the picture together.
The process Bimbino and Bambina were observing was so catching that they couldn't help, but joined the photo euphoria.
10. The Travelling Monkeys love taking pictures as well! Especially of themselves :)
11. "GUM" (shopping center) has Christmas decorations all year long.
12. Beautiful cars are allowed to park just in the middle of the shopping center.
13. "GUM"
14. The best picture ever taken on the Red Square!
Bimbino and Bambina were getting comfortable lying on the Red Square when two policemen came and told them to stand up: "You should not lie on the main square of the country." The policemen were serious, but rather friendly. The monkeys stood up, they had to go to the train station anyway, but they kept wondering what one could and could not do on the Red Square? Was there a law about it?..
Anyways, the Travelling Monkeys had a train leaving to Kazan. They were excited to be finally heading east!

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