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Mushroom Soup from Rural Russia

The most important part of this recipe are the mushrooms, of course. Depending on the mushrooms the soup gets its taste and flavour. The best is to get chantarelles. Those have the best aroma for this soup. Other kinds of mushrooms can be used as well, you can even just mix all kinds of different wild mushrooms. Wild mushrooms have the best taste and aroma. You can use marinated mushrooms, or fresh ones. You might also use champions, however, those would be the worst case scenario.
It took them about half an hour to prepare the soup. It was indeed one of the most simple things they've ever cooked.
500 gr wild mushrooms,
1 big onion,
1 liter of milk,
4 eggs,
salt and black pepper, parsley and dill.

1. They used wild mushrooms Olga had gotten from forest close to the house, in fact just one kilometer away. The mushrooms were were kept frozen, so they had to defrost first.
2. Two cups of hot water were added, and the mushrooms had to cook about 15 minutes. Bambina was carefully controlling the process. (Keep in mind that if the mushrooms are marinated the cooking time should be shortened accordingly.
3. The mushrooms should boil. While Bambina was taking care of the mushrooms, Bimbino had to cut the onion.
4. Bimbino put the cut onion into the pot. At the same time they added some salt. It had to cook together with the mushrooms for about five minutes.
5. In the meantime, they prepared the rest under supervision of Olga. They started with putting four eggs in a bowl.
6. Then Olga scrambled the eggs.
7. Afterwards, they added the milk to the eggs and mixed it properly.
8. The egg-milk mix was added to the boiling mushrooms.
9. They had to mix the soup continuously until the egg-white started to curdle. In the end they added some black pepper and a bit more salt to their taste.
10. Enjoy! You can add some parsley and dill to your dish. Of course a couple of Vodka shots fit very well to such food.

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