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Chicago: A Walk Around the Downtown

1. First impression of Chicago after leaving the metro station: highrises and trucks. The Travelling Monkeys clearly arrived in America.
2. The Navy Pier is the right place to to see Chicago's skyscrapers from far away.
3. From the Navy Pier the monkeys could only see either the northern or the southern side of the Chicago panorama. This will change soon. Once the Ferris wheel re-opens in summer 2016, visitors will be able to enjoy a view of the whole city.
4. Seagull poop is sold as a souvenir.
5. Bubba Gump Shrimps.
6. Awesome parking for bicycles. It was the very first warm sunny day of the year, therefore the parking area was still empty.
7. School buses and skyscrapers. Lots of children took a school trip to the Navy Pier that day.
8. Tourist boats with funny names.
9. Ogden Slip. It is not a river, just a parking lot for boats. ...
10. ... and a perfect surrounding for an art gallery.
11. Super expensive apartment building with super expensive restaurant on the ground floor.
12. Nicholas J Melas Centennial Fountain. At the moment it looks just like a monument, but in summer it becomes a beautiful fountain.
13. Stairways look much better with some patina.
14. NBC Tower.
15. Trump Tower.
16. Tribune Tower.
17. The wall at the bottom of the Tribune Tower contains pieces of different famous landmarks from all over the world. This stone is from Germany.
18. What does this sculpture represent? A monkey? ...
19. ...not at all. It is a woman! A sculpture by Pablo Picasso.
20. Eternal Flame: pigeons taste better when you roast them slowly.
21. Four Seasons by Marc Chagall. The mosaic could not sustain the influence of the four seasons and had to be protected by the roof.
22. A free walking tour is a nice and cheap way to explore the city. Pay as much as you want.
23. Chase Tower.
24. Narrow alleys between the skyscrapers to place trash bins and fire ladders.
25. Don't hesitate to enter Chicago`s skyscrapers. Many of them house shops, restaurants and hotels. The decorations inside are usually very rich and sophisticated.
28. This is an installation in the Millennium Park: a huge screen showing different faces all the time. In summer they spit water out of their mouth, and the whole place becomes a fountain.
29. Probably the most famous symbol of Chicago: Cloud Gate, by locals better known as The Bean.
30. Jay Pritzker Pavillion. The location of many free open air performances during summer time.
31. The Millennium Park is a great place loved both by tourists and locals.
32. Free chargers in the Chicago Cultural Center. Everything there is for free. The Chicago Cultural Center saved many travellers in need of electricity, Wi-Fi, or toilettes.
33. The Chicago Cultural Center attracts many people with fabulous free public events and exhibitions. The monkeys had a chance to see Strandbeests by Theo Jansen.
34. A beautiful Tiffany glass dome in the Chicago Cultural Center.
35. The Preston Bradley Hall inside the Chicago Cultural Center is used for free concerts and performances.
36. Back in the streets. Stay up to date!
37. Sandbags to secure street signs from killing people.
38. The Loop: an elevated railroad circuit that has given its name to downtown Chicago.
39. One of the stations on the Loop.
40. The Chicago Theater.
The Travelling Monkeys loved Chicago from the very first sight. It is one of the places in the USA they would love to come back to sometime.

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