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Vegetarian Quiche from Ivonna

The monkeys didn't expect quiche to be such a simple thing to cook. Probably Ivonna was so good at it that it looked simple. As she said, it was a wrong dish for someone who wanted to lose some weight. It contains a lot of butter and cream. But it was sooo tasty!
It took them about half an hour to prepare the vegetables and the dough. The amount of ingredients fits for a 4 cm thick quiche of 30 cm in diameter (eight portions).
500 gr champinions,
1 bell pepper,
2 small carrots,
1 eggplant,
1 bundle of spring onion.
300 gr flour,
150 gr butter,
quite some salt.
4 eggs,
200 ml cream (30% fat),
paprika powder,
black pepper,

1. The first step was preparing the vegetables. They should be all cut in small pieces.
2.You need two frying-pans. In one the champions should be fried with the onions. In the other the rest of the vegetables: bell pepper, carrots, eggplant. Leave some spring onions to put on top of our quiche later.
3. While Bambina was taking care of the vegetables...
4. Bimbino got to work with the dough. The dough is as simple as it only can be. You just mix flour, butter and salt.
5. It should become soft and homogeneous. And it should be very salty.
6. Ideal is to let the dough stay half an hour in the fridge. But the monkeys were so hungry that they couldn't wait, so they had spread the dough directly in the form. They used a fork to make little holes in the dough.
7. They put the from with the dough inside the oven, switched the oven to 180ºC (no need to pre-heat), and left it there for 15 minutes. It just needed to dry a bit.
8. The vegetables were almost ready, and Bimbino had to prepare the sause. Eggs, cream and spices just get whisked a bit. Putting rather a lot of nutmeg was a good idea: it gave amazing smell to the sause.
9. The veggies were ready, and still warm, so they put them all inside the bowl with the sause and let them stay for five minutes.
10. When the dough dried enough they emptied the bowl into the form with the dough. All the sause went to the edge and the veggies stayed mainly in the middle.
11. They had to to spread the vegetable mix in the from properly, letting the sauce flow to the middle and putting enough of the veggies at the edge.
12. Ready to go inside the oven for 45 minutes! (180ºC)
13. Enjoy!

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