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A Brief Guide to Couchsurfing Camps

For approximately fifteen years now hospitality networks such as Hospitality Club and Couchsurfing have been spreading through the online world. The paramount goal of these networks has been to bring people together. Offering strangers a place to sleep is still the main way to achieve this goal. Hosting and "surfing couches" is what these networks are best known for throughout the world. However, this is not everything: over the last years it has been possible to observe the establishment of a network within the networks: Couchsurfing Camps... [Read more..]

Monkey Diary: Capital Hopping

For the 9th of January 2018, Bimbino and Bambina had bought plane tickets to South-East Asia. They had found return tickets for € 360 leaving from Praha (Prague). As the monkeys were in Brno and had five days left until their departure, they took the opportunity to visit the close by cities of Wien (Vienna) and Bratislava before returning to the Czech…
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What Does it Take to Organise Wintercamp?

Who Choses Where the Next Wintercamp Will take Place?
As Wintercamp is not centrally organised, it is necessary to find a new host city every year. Such a city is not simply elected, as in the awarding of the Olympic Games. It requires a group of dedicated volunteers who are willing to to organise the next event. Only if such people…
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The Story of Wintercamps

What is Wintercamp?
Wintercamp is the annual week-long New Year's Eve Party of the Couchsurfing…
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Monkey Diary: New Year's Week in Moravia

Like nearly every year, Bimbino and Bambina had to decided to celebrate the beginning of the new year with friends from all over the world at WinterCamp. WinterCamp is the annual week-long New Year's Eve Party of the Couchsurfing Camps community in Europe.…
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My Favourite Websites for Travel Statistics and Visualisation

As a German I have an innate affinity for statistics, especially when it comes to travelling. As a passionate lover of maps I like to visualise the roads I have travelled and the places I have been to. I like to be able to see statistics on how many kilometres I have travelled, by plane, by boat, or by hitchhiking. To create a personalised…
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A Fresh Start

Four years ago, we started writing this blog. First on blogger.com and later on our self-created website.
 While we were very enthusiastic about the whole idea of sharing our experiences with the world, our concept quickly started to fail, as we wanted to tell too many stories. Good stories, however, need time. And there was the problem: as we were always on the road, we constantly…
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Cologne Street Carnival: the Best Time to Visit Cologne or the Best Time to Leave the City?..

During carnival Cologne changes completely. You look strange when you go out of the house in normal clothes. You feel strange if you don't drink enough Kölsch. Cologne people are crazy about carnival, for many it is the most important time of the year, for some however it is the time to leave the city.... [Read more..]

Chicago: A Walk Around the Downtown

During the Easter holidays the Travelling Monkeys went for a trip to the USA. Their first stop was Chicago. For Bambina it was her first time visiting the country of skyscrapers. Chicago was the perfect city to get the first glimpse of impressive buildings aiming to touch the clouds... [Read more..]

Vegetarian Quiche from Ivonna

The travelling monkeys met Ivonna a few months ago in Cologne on a Couchsurfing weekly meeting. She moved out of Cologne, but today she visited the monkeys and shared an amazing quiche recipe with them. They had a lot of fun cooking together!.. [Read more..]

The Border Between Europe and Asia: Just an Imaginary Line

There are different concepts in the world on how many continents exist. Some of these concepts have a rather geographical or geological background, others go back to views that are based on politics. Whether we speak of Europe and Asia, or only of one super-continent depends highly on what we were taught in school. When the Travelling Monkeys visited Ekaterinburg they wanted to check out if they could really tell the border between Europe and Asia. What they found was nothing else than a big joke... [Read more..]

1996: Riding a Slow Train Through Siberia

There are many trains running on the Tranns-Siberian Railway every day. Most of these trains travel fast and for long distances. Others go slowly and connect neighbouring cities. So far, the Travelling Monkeys only got to know fast trains. To experience something different, they decided to board an Elektrichka: 350 kilometers by slow train through Siberia, including a stop over in the middle of nowhere... [Read more..]

Ekaterinburg: More Motley Than Expected

If you consider Siberian cities to be grey and boring you haven't been to Ekaterinburg yet. Ekaterinburg is a city with a colorful culture and an interesting mix of architecture. Follow the Travelling Monkeys on a sightseeing tour past an over-sized keyboard, a monument to 'The Beatles', and an unfinished TV tower... [Read more..]

100 Photos of Kazan

Despite being among the 25 biggest cities in Europe, Kazan is relatively unknown to most travellers. This has to change! Kazan is an amazing city and it definitely deserves bigger attention. In 100 photos The Travelling Monkeys will show you what they found beautiful, amazing, surprising, interesting, touching, but also disappointing about Kazan... [Read more..]

What To Do In Moscow? (if you have just a 5 hours stopover)

Moscow is huge! So is it even worth it to leave the train station (or the airport) just for few hours? It definitely is. The best thing to do is visiting the very centre of the city: the Red Square. It is the best place to take pictures of other people walking around and taking pictures of each other and themselves..... [Read more..]

Moscow Luggage Storage Facilities Are Backpacker Unfriendly

The Travelling Monkeys found out a peculiar fact about the luggage storage during their short stopover in Moscow. There is the most stupid rule concerning the luggage they accept for storage. All the backpackers are encouraged to write complaints to the management of the train stations in Moscow. What's the most stupid rule for a luggage storage?.. [Read more..]

A Few Days in Rural Russia

The Travelling Monkeys had an opportunity to experience the real rural Russia. They stayed in an old house with Babushka Olga, who had her own garden and honey bees. They tried fresh honey, ate pies baked in a Russian stone oven, drank fresh milk from the neighbour’s cow, berries from the garden and mushrooms from the nearby forest. The food was simple, but full of flavour. That you will not get in a supermarket nowadays... [Read more..]

Mushroom Soup from Rural Russia

Today Bimbino and Bambina got something special for those who love to cook different things from all over the world. They have been to a rural area in the Vologda region, where aunt Olga showed them how to cook a simple, but very tasty mushroom soup... [Read more..]

The Pink Dolphins and the Brown Water

The trip from Iquitos to Yurimaguas on the Bruno was quite different to the one with the Arabella-I on the Río Napo. Even that the two boats looked quite similar a lot of factors could not have been more contrary: space, food and hygiene... [Read more..]

Welcome to the Jungle - Iquitos

With roughly 600.000 inhabitants Iquitos is one of the biggest Peruvian cities, nevertheless it is situated completely isolated in the Amazon basin, and only connected to the rest of the world by air and water... [Read more..]

5000 Years of the “New” World

When people think of Peru, the images to appear in their minds are of the Incas and their ruined city Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is the main tourist attraction of Peru. Most tourists visiting Peru see no other archaeological site in the country, although there are many others worth visiting. "Oh, more Inca ruins?" - you might wonder. Sure, but the Incas are only the tip of the iceberg! Many other civilizations settled in Peru: some as old as the Inca Empire, others thousands of years older... [Read more..]