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A Lost Sunday

The adventures of Bimbino and Bambina had already started a few months ago, but those tales to be told later. This first story took place in the beginning of December, in a little Ecuadorian village called Montañita.
Montañita is a hot spot on the South American gringo trail, a paradise for surfers, hippies, party animals, and people who like to get high.
Bimbino and Bambina had been kicked out of a hostel in La Rinconada (the story comes later), and were roaming the streets of Montañita in search of a cheap bottle of rum. Not an easy encounter, as the monkeys got constantly distracted by stranded travellers trying to sell their handmade stuff, like bracelets, earrings, clothes, and very special pastries. It was so hard to concentrate, as on the streets packed with bars, cocktails booths and discos you could hardly tell one bad song from another due to the amount, volume and quality of the speakers. Finally the quest was rewarded with some bottom shelf liquor and a bottle of Coke to wash it all down. ...and then another one. Friends were quickly made on the beach. Bambina ended up dancing salsa with them, while Bimbino fell asleep in the sand after having emptied his stomach into the ocean. How the morning ended none of them remembered.
Sunday was lost...
Monday morning the monkeys woke up earlier than usual to enjoy their last day on the warm beach. They had just realized, that it actually was the last possibility to enjoy warm ocean waves, as they were about to leave the Pacific for the Ecuadorian inland. Probably they would not see the ocean again until their travels would lead them to Chile. By then it would be autumn, and it would be cold.
Goodbye warm Pacific of Ecuador! Off to hitch-hike to Guayaquil.
First and short story, but more will follow. In this blog Bimbino and Bambina will not only be sharing their adventures, but also will write some tips for travellers, hitch-hikers, people living on the road, and just people who are visiting places where Bimbino and Bambina happened to be, where to stay, what to do, etc.
Follow the adventures of the Travelling Monkeys! More stories to come soon...
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