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Lima Limón 2013

Recently we have written a post about Couchsurfing Camps. What are these camps? These camps are multiple day events with a festival like character, organized mainly for the members of hospitality exchange networks. You can read about Couchsurfing Camps happening in Europe here: A Brief Guide to Couchsurfing Camps.
Before coming to South America the Travelling Monkeys had already been dreaming about organising a big Couchsurfing Camp in Peru. Moreover, they found out that their friend Zuli, a native Peruvian living in Vienna was about to travel to Lima at the same time like them. Therefore, they decided to organize such an event together in the Peruvian capital. All three of them were experienced with organizing big Couchsurfing events: Zuli with Vienna Calling, Bimbino and Bambina with Mont Royal Summer Camp and Kyiv Spring Camp.
A name was quickly chosen: Lima Limón.
After Bimbino and Bambina had set up an event for 100 people in Kyiv, a city they had never been to before in their life, they assumed that organizing something similar in Lima couldn't be much more dificult. Especially now that they could count on the help of a real limeña.
In fact, the realization of the event was no big deal. Developing a program for the event, choosing a location for the main party and the setting up of a website was done in very short time. Even the signing up process went promising. Though, Friday's pub meeting didn't have a lot of attendees listed but there were around 50 people who had signed up on the homepage for the BBQ party on Saturday, not included all the people who had announced their coming on Couchsurfing. Everything seemed to work out well.
When Friday, the first evening of Lima Limón came, Zuli, Bimbino and Bambina were taken by surprise: instead of the twelve people who had signed up for the pub-meeting there came around 30. Luckily there was enough space for all of them. Most of the people were from Lima, and there were only a few foreigners. It was a pleasant evening with a very nice atmosphere, despite the fact that Peru got kicked out of the qualification for the Football World Cup in Brazil. Most Peruvians were sad, but they seemed to be used to their national team loosing. At the end of the night most people seemd to be happy and many promised to come again for the main party on Saturday evening.
Friday Party.
There was a small tour planned for Saturday afternoon where only five attendees showed up, including Bimbino and Bambina. It was a visit to Lima's twin town Callao. Despite the fact that Callao is surrounded by the city of Lima it is not even a part of the province of Lima. Crazy Peruvian territorial structure... The monkeys had heard of a historic Spanish fortress located in Callao, and they were curious to visit it.
One of the tour attendees was a local so they had a guide to show them around. Callao is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the Lima Metropolitan Area. However, being very careful not to turn into any suspiciously looking streets they didn't notice any real signs of danger except for the inner construction of a taxi they took. The driver's seat was surrounded by a metal grating as a shield against a cold steel attack.
A taxi driver behind a metal grating as a shield against a cold steel attack.
The main square of Callao.
Industrial part close to the port.
The port.
Most of the old colonial houses stand empty, and most of them not in as good condition as this one.
The Real Felipe Fortress analogue to the Buckingham Palace guards.
The Real Felipe Fortress.
A selfie with the Real Felipe Fortress.
After a couple of hours their tour was over and the little group went to the district of San Martín de Porres, where Zuli and her mother had already prepared the party place for the night. Music, food, drinks and a BBQ - everything was there. The only thing missing was... guests.
Over the whole evening there did not come more than ten people to the BBQ party. Less than 10% of the people who had signed up or promised to come. Good that neither the monkeys nor Zuli had comitted a lot financially. The only really outcome of this big fail was a big disappointment... But even that was quickly forgotten, as the evening turned out to become a very intimate and personal one instead of a big party. Not the worst thing.
Zuli was disappointed that so few guests showed up.
Not believing in the commitment of the South Americans anymore the three organizers cancelled all the Sunday activities.
Finally, for Bambina that was the best decision as she started to feel really ill and that feeling did't go away anymore for the next couple of days (usual travellers thing: upset stomach). And so the Travelling Monkeys remained in Jorge's flat during their last week in Lima. Following an addiction they started to develop already on their flight to South America. A week non stop of...
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