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A Brief Guide to Couchsurfing Camps

For approximately fifteen years now hospitality networks such as Hospitality Club and Couchsurfing have been spreading through the online world. The paramount goal of these networks has been to bring people together. Offering strangers a place to sleep is still the main way to achieve this goal. Hosting and "surfing couches" is what these networks are best known for throughout the world. However, this is not everything: over the last years it has been possible to observe the establishment of a network within the networks: Couchsurfing Camps... [Read more..]

How to get to Machu Picchu for 3 USD

There is a rumour around Cusco that it is possible to get to Aguas Calientes for 10 Soles. Numerous tour agencies are trying to conceal this fact, or at least tell that such mission is close to impossible, that is why it stays only a rumour. Bimbino and Bambina were lucky to come across a magic book full of different advice for travellers, and they found a vague description of the "10 Soles way"... [Read more..]

Cheap Way to Fly Far Away

Everyone who lives in Europe knows about Ryanair, WizzAir, EasyJet, etc. On these airlines you can fly for cheap, but unfortunately not too far. How do people find cheap flights outside of Europe? One flew to Asia for 300,- €, another to Boston for 256,- € return. We found an open-jaw flight Madrid-Lima-Frankfurt with a short layover in Sao Paulo for 305,- €... [Read more..]

Instructions How To Get From Coca To Iquitos By Boat

In this post we have tried to gather the most important information for travellers, which would help them to prepare for this big adventure: crossing the border from Ecuador to Peru via the río Napo... [Read more..]