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Madrid: Europe's Big Mystery

Madrid is with nearly 3.3 million people the third biggest city within the European Union, the capital of the Reino de España and the seat of the Spanish Royal family. Despite these facts is Madrid relatively unknown to many people. Reason for this is probably the lack of an outstanding landmark. Rome has the Colosseum. London has the Big Ben. Moscow is home to the Kremlin and Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate. Even Barcelona has more sights attracting the average traveller. But Madrid? What can you find in Madrid? - A good question!.. [Read more..]

By Thumb Express to Madrid

It was a Sunday in August 2013 when Bimbino and Bambina started their big South America adventure. Bambina had found a cheap flight to South America via Holiday Pirates, a blog that is specialized on cheap offers for travelers: 306 Euros for an open-jaw flight, Madrid – Lima, Lima – Frankfurt. The only question remaining was how they would get from Germany?.. [Read more..]