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Instructions How To Get From Coca To Iquitos By Boat

In this post we have tried to gather the most important information for travellers, which would help them to prepare for this big adventure: crossing the border from Ecuador to Peru via the río Napo... [Read more..]

To The Other Side

It was one of the most beautiful boat rides they had ever had in their life: stunning, a little bit scary, smooth, and chanting. Bambina had to get used to the feeling of instability of the boat, it took some time. But, when she finally could confide in the captain and trust in his knowledge of the river, she was able enjoy the ride. Being so close to the water changed their perception of the river and nature around. It's like the difference between going by car and by bicycle on land. This boat was a bicycle. They were so much more in contact with the surroundings, they could easily touch the water, they saw white birds flying around, and the jungle seemed much closer this time... [Read more..]

Last Preparations in Coca

Puerto Francisco de Orellana, better known under its short name El Coca is a small city located at the confluence of Río Coca and Río Napo. Coca is well connected by road to the west of the country. Everything that’s located east is predominantly only accessible by rivers. Coca is the base for the exploitation of Ecuador’s oil reserves. The city is full of workers on the way to their work places deeper in the Amazon, or just returning from there. And the water of Río Napo is full of rainbows and smells like gasoline even worse than the Guayas in Guayaquil... [Read more..]

From Coca to Rocafuerte

Nuevo Rocafuerte is definitely not worth a visit, at least not if you only hang out in town and don’t visit the surrounding national parks or work on an oil plant. Town actually would be the wrong word to describe this place with only around 800 inhabitants. Village describes it much better. Located directly on the Peruvian border Nuevo Rocafuerte is the most eastern town in Ecuador... [Read more..]

Swinging Monkeys

The Swing at the End of the World is a place that was as magic as the monkeys had imagined. A place where the time stands still. Located on the top of a mountain high above Baños the swing hangs on a lonely tree under a small tree house. Swinging here is like a journey into infinity. Once you start getting into motion you feel like flying as you don’t see the ground anymore but only the mountains with their white peaks and the endless blue sky. A place where one can easily get lost for hours... [Read more..]

Good Times in Cuenca

Hitchhiking in Ecuador is just awesome, better than going by bus. You put your thumb out, wait five minutes, and you have a ride. Bimbino and Bambina made it in two rides, first to Puerto Inca, and afterwards directly to Cuenca. The road climbed and winded up into the mountains, through the mist and cold of the heights to the welcoming sunny valley of Cuenca City... [Read more..]

Adventures in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is famous in Ecuador as "la ciudad de monos" - the city of monkeys. That is why Bimbino and Bambina where so keen on visiting it... [Read more..]

A Lost Sunday

The adventures of Bimbino and Bambina had already started a few months ago, but those tales to be told later. This first story took place in the beginning of December, in a little Ecuadorian village called Montañita... [Read more..]