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A Brief Guide to Couchsurfing Camps

For approximately fifteen years now hospitality networks such as Hospitality Club and Couchsurfing have been spreading through the online world. The paramount goal of these networks has been to bring people together. Offering strangers a place to sleep is still the main way to achieve this goal. Hosting and "surfing couches" is what these networks are best known for throughout the world. However, this is not everything: over the last years it has been possible to observe the establishment of a network within the networks: Couchsurfing Camps... [Read more..]

Vegetarian Quiche from Ivonna

The travelling monkeys met Ivonna a few months ago in Cologne on a Couchsurfing weekly meeting. She moved out of Cologne, but today she visited the monkeys and shared an amazing quiche recipe with them. They had a lot of fun cooking together!.. [Read more..]

1000 Km of Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing

Máncora is probably the most famous beach town on the Peruvian coast. Warm, clear water, a tropical climate with daily sunshine, and light yellow fine sand beaches make it the perfect retreat for people who are depressed due to the grey skies of Lima. The only problem: Máncora is located more than 1,200 km north of the Peruvian capital... [Read more..]

Lima Limón 2013

Is it possible to organize a Couchsurfing Camp everywhere? Read about the experience of Travelling Monkeys organising such a Couchsurfing event in South America..... [Read more..]