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From Coca to Rocafuerte

Nuevo Rocafuerte is definitely not worth a visit, at least not if you only hang out in town and don’t visit the surrounding national parks or work on an oil plant. Town actually would be the wrong word to describe this place with only around 800 inhabitants. Village describes it much better. Located directly on the Peruvian border Nuevo Rocafuerte is the most eastern town in Ecuador... [Read more..]

Swinging Monkeys

The Swing at the End of the World is a place that was as magic as the monkeys had imagined. A place where the time stands still. Located on the top of a mountain high above Baños the swing hangs on a lonely tree under a small tree house. Swinging here is like a journey into infinity. Once you start getting into motion you feel like flying as you don’t see the ground anymore but only the mountains with their white peaks and the endless blue sky. A place where one can easily get lost for hours... [Read more..]

Good Times in Cuenca

Hitchhiking in Ecuador is just awesome, better than going by bus. You put your thumb out, wait five minutes, and you have a ride. Bimbino and Bambina made it in two rides, first to Puerto Inca, and afterwards directly to Cuenca. The road climbed and winded up into the mountains, through the mist and cold of the heights to the welcoming sunny valley of Cuenca City... [Read more..]

Adventures in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is famous in Ecuador as "la ciudad de monos" - the city of monkeys. That is why Bimbino and Bambina where so keen on visiting it... [Read more..]

A Lost Sunday

The adventures of Bimbino and Bambina had already started a few months ago, but those tales to be told later. This first story took place in the beginning of December, in a little Ecuadorian village called Montañita... [Read more..]

1000 Km of Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing

Máncora is probably the most famous beach town on the Peruvian coast. Warm, clear water, a tropical climate with daily sunshine, and light yellow fine sand beaches make it the perfect retreat for people who are depressed due to the grey skies of Lima. The only problem: Máncora is located more than 1,200 km north of the Peruvian capital... [Read more..]

5000 Years of the “New” World

When people think of Peru, the images to appear in their minds are of the Incas and their ruined city Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is the main tourist attraction of Peru. Most tourists visiting Peru see no other archaeological site in the country, although there are many others worth visiting. "Oh, more Inca ruins?" - you might wonder. Sure, but the Incas are only the tip of the iceberg! Many other civilizations settled in Peru: some as old as the Inca Empire, others thousands of years older... [Read more..]

Lima Limón 2013

Is it possible to organize a Couchsurfing Camp everywhere? Read about the experience of Travelling Monkeys organising such a Couchsurfing event in South America..... [Read more..]

Paracas: Romance of the Sea

Most people dream of visiting the Islas Galápagos when travelling to the west coast of South America. The majority of these people, however, never reach that goal. Instead they end up taking a trip to Peru's Islas Ballestas, another marine fauna sanctuary and a place that few people have heard of before travelling to South America... [Read more..]

Lima: Grey, Strange, and Way Too Big

America welcomed the Monkeys with the grey skies of Lima. It was very warm compared to European winter, but misty and dank. While not a single drop of water fell from the clouds, it was definitely not very inspiring... [Read more..]

Madrid: Europe's Big Mystery

Madrid is with nearly 3.3 million people the third biggest city within the European Union, the capital of the Reino de España and the seat of the Spanish Royal family. Despite these facts is Madrid relatively unknown to many people. Reason for this is probably the lack of an outstanding landmark. Rome has the Colosseum. London has the Big Ben. Moscow is home to the Kremlin and Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate. Even Barcelona has more sights attracting the average traveller. But Madrid? What can you find in Madrid? - A good question!.. [Read more..]

By Thumb Express to Madrid

It was a Sunday in August 2013 when Bimbino and Bambina started their big South America adventure. Bambina had found a cheap flight to South America via Holiday Pirates, a blog that is specialized on cheap offers for travelers: 306 Euros for an open-jaw flight, Madrid – Lima, Lima – Frankfurt. The only question remaining was how they would get from Germany?.. [Read more..]