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Bimbo in Guatemala Bimbo!
Let us introduce Bimbo, a little Monkey travelling around the world. Bimbo is an experienced traveller, having been to 34 different countries (as far as was known by Spring 2010): Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Belize, Slovakia, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Albania, Turkey, South Africa, India, Poland, Italy, Kosovo, United Kingdom, Mexico, Macedonia, Austria, Spain, Lesotho, Belgium, Slovenia, USA, Latvia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Serbia, Croatia.
Girls loved little Bimbo a lot, and often stole him away from his owner and into their beds for a short time. That's how he got his nickname: Travelling Sex Tourist. Where does Bimbo come from? And who is his travelling partner?
Where does Bimbo come from? And who is his travelling partner?
Bimbo had been accompanying Florian (one of the authors of this very blog) since he (Florian) was four years old. His birthplace is unknown, but his first home was a little town in Germany named Traben-Trarbach.
Bimbo Four years old Florian hugging his beloved Bimbo.
Bimbo has a Facebook page and he even had a Couchsurfing profile with a few references from hosts and surfers. Unfortunately, it was deleted, as Couchsurfing doesn't consider monkeys to be real people. Nonsense, isn't it? Monkeys are real people! Just have a look at Bimbo's photos.
Bimbo Bimbo on the Caye Caulker island in Belize.
Bimbo Bimbo in Kerala, India.
Bimbo Bimbo in Washington.
Bimbo Bimbo in Kotor, Montenegro.
Bimbo Bimbo at the beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.
One day, in spring 2010, Bimbo went missing. All the attempts to find him were in vain.
The truth is that Bimbo was not lost. He just left to explore the world on his own. But being a Travelling Sex Tourist has its consequences: once in a while a new Travelling Monkey shows up somewhere in the world...
That is how Florian met Bimbino for the first time.
Bimbino immediately started looking for his brothers and sisters around the world. He undertook a couple of journeys in Europe and even flew to the USA. But what he was looking for was closer than he had ever expected. Shortly after his arrival back from the USA, he visited the small city of Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. There he found his sister Bambina. Ever since, they have continued on that quest together.
Bimbo Bimbino and Bambina in Thessaloniki.
Bimbo Monkey Family meet-up in Hamm, Germany. November 2012.
The family grew, and the Monkeys travelled more and more. They decided to create a Facebook page, as once their father did, and post their travel pictures there. After travelling for some time in Europe, Bimbino and Bambina decided it was time to go beyond their limits. They found a cheap flight and went for a year to South America.
The Monkeys never expected their trip to be such a success. They met more than 80 brothers and sisters during that year in South America. It seems that Bimbo must have spent quite some time travelling (sex-travelling!) there.
Since their return from South America, Bimbino and family has grown even bigger. Now they know the location of more than 120 brothers and sisters around the world.
Bimbo Monkey Family meet-up in Kraków, Poland. New Year's eve 2014.
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