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Let us introduce ourselves...

I am Inga, nice to meet you!
I made this website as an online base for our projects. Here I develop my web-design skills and knowledge, write blog where I share information about travels, monkey making business, and some other stuff I love or hate, enjoy doing or find boring, etc.
I love independent travelling, exploring the possibilities of budget travels; I am happy to share my knowledge, experiences, travel tips with you and inspire you to see the world yourself!
If you are interested to read more about me visit ABOUT US section for more reading about my interests, hobbies, ideas and projects.
Smart and sexy, he has blond curls and lots of hair on his body. Florian is the most energetic and funny person you could meet. He is a passionate traveller, friendly hitchhiker and the best Couchsurfer. He has visited more than 60 countries.
Thanks to Florian, the Travelling Monkeys project has a big background story, which you can find on the pages of our blog. Without it would not get as much public attention as it has at the moment. He is a social worker, but it seems like he has found his new dream occupation, namely making monkeys. Ask him about it!
Floh is responsible for Instagram photography, writing the blog, public relations, and, of course, making monkeys.
Let's play!
Taking the life serious? Why not?! BUT, never forget to treat the child in you. We like to play :) Meet Bimbino: our handmade travel mascot, protagonist of many our blog stories, and the best entertainer for children, both young and adult.
Cute and sexy, he has long legs and charming ears, but most important he has a huge heart and a big smile. Bimbino started travelling even before his huge heart was put inside his chest, and his head was attached to his body. Since he was born in September 2012 he has visited more than twenty countries.
Bimbino would not be the same without his favourite travel partner. Meet Bambina: our handmade travel mascot, protagonist of many our blog stories, and the best entertainer for children, both young and adult.
Sexy and cute, she has beautiful fur colour and charming eyes. Bambina is the best travel partner, and best friend of Bimbino. Moreover, they are brother and sister, even though they often forget about it. It is not that bad after all, Targaryens also did that mistake, and had a great history after all.

At the moment we are...

...thinking of posting loads of material about Iceland, but do nothing due to the lack of time. If the lack of time is real is another question. Basically we are busy with all kind of stuff except for our blog. However, some Iceland photos you can find now on our Instagram; Floh is posting there every day.

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